Color Me Clutter Free

When you look around your house or apartment or flat or hobbit hole, what do you see? Can you see the floors, counters, chairs and desktops? Or are they covered with clutter and disorganization? You do know this affects your wellness, right? Whether you realize it or not, clutter presses on you and can begin to own you.

No judgments here, just love.

I have noticed that the state of my house tends to be an indicator of the state of my soul. That’s painful to write because it speaks to areas of my life that haven’t been addressed yet.

Excess clutter is just like excess fat – it serves an emotional purpose, but you need to get rid of it to be healthy.

You see, I went through a traumatic personal crisis several years ago, and, while I have never been a member of the spotless house club (I actually don’t think THAT’S healthy either!), I noticed that clutter began to merge with chaos. Oh sure, I told myself it was OK because I was just busier now, but the truth is, my house began to reflect my inner chaos, and things began to pile up as I ignored them.

Thankfully, this tale of woe ends well. Over time I began to purge. It’s amazing how healing and cleansing purging is! As I removed the clutter, old beliefs went with it. Creativity re-entered my life, as did fresh thinking and a light spirit.

I could breathe again.

I think we’re always in a state of purging, removing the old, discovering the new. And that was the case this weekend for me. I have come a long way from my beginnings, but I’m always looking for ways to keep the creativity fresh and alive.

So I’m going to share with you my inner sanctum.

If you were at my house a week ago, you would not have been able to see my closet floor. Not that I would have paraded you through my bedroom into my master bath and closet area, but IF you were a fly on the wall here is what you would have seen.

Cluttered Closet

So let me hasten to explain. ;) I have a very small closet with not much floor space. It’s not my fault! OK, I’m done with the excuses. One day I just decided it was time to grow some more and clear away some of my past. And it began with my closet floor.

I had seen a cool idea on Pinterest awhile back and realized I had all the tools I needed in my garage. I used a piece of crown molding that I had been saving…for 20 years (no joke), moving it from place to place in my garage to keep it out of the way but ever ready for use. {face palm}

I cut it into 14” pieces, and with the application of Liquid Nails and my trusty hammer and finishing nails, I attached them to the wall like this.

Shoe Racks from Crown Moulding

I made one longer piece for above the door frame.

Shoe Rack from Crown Moulding

And now through the magic of television…errr, internet, here is what my closet looks like today.

Clutter Free Closet

Clutter Free Closet New Shoe Rack

Shoe Racks Declutter Closet

Shoe Racks Declutter Closet

I got rid of only a few shoes (that weren’t even in the original picture because they were so old they were stored behind my clothes…yep, I’m a bit of a shoe hoarder ;)). All the rest fit on my new shoe hangers and shelves.

And yes, I am always happy to accept shoe donations. ;)

This simple simple change has made a drastic difference in my closet, but more importantly in my soul. I released some things I had been hanging on to which no longer fit into my life. I slowed down a little to recognize I deserve more than just a jumble of shoes and clothes on my floor that hampered me

You deserve a life where you can breathe; a life unhampered by past burdens and pains; a life where you are free to be the wonderfully creative being that you are. Every act of purging lets you shine a little brighter. And every act of de-cluttering confirms that you are worth it. If that sounds a little crazy to you, just go and de-clutter something in your life, then come back here and tell me how you feel.

Much Love

P.S. While I can’t actually come to your home and declutter for you, I can chat with you for some purging ideas.

Comment below and let me know YOUR tips and tricks for staying clutter free.

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