Protein Shake Recipe

Protein ShakeAt the bank drive-thru this morning I was sipping my customary protein shake and the teller asked me what I was drinking. You see, I live in the land of coffee so therefore I look a little different than most people this teller sees on a daily basis.

I have been drinking protein shakes for as long as I can remember.

I use them to replace my breakfast because I’m not a fan of eating in the morning. OK, that sounded funny, but it’s true. Maybe it’s because I wake up slowly, or feel dehydrated from the night before. I don’t know.

But I love, love, love drinking my breakfast.

Many people start their day with nothing more than a doughnut and coffee in the morning. Or what about those cereals that have nothing in them but sugar and chemicals? It makes SUCH a difference starting my day with nutrition versus the typical American breakfast.

Instead of feeling sluggish, groggy and foggy all day, trying to shovel in “energy producers” and never quite getting there, I feel alert, energetic and alive. My disposition is sunny and I’m productive in my work.

I get more done with less effort.

Plus I eat better during the rest of the day because my body craves nutrition instead of sugar.

Anyway, the teller was overly curious about what was in my shake. Turns out she is trying to make healthier choices. High five.

That got me to thinking there may be others who haven’t yet discovered the deliciousness of getting a nutrient packed shake to start your day. So I thought I would give you guys my recipe that I’ve been using for years. It’s super easy and it’s my go-to recipe when I don’t want to think (no comments from the peanut gallery ;)).

Xtreme Wellness Protein Shake

2 cups water
2 cups berries, frozen or fresh
1 Tbl TrueGreens powder
2 scoops AminoCharge protein powder
2 Tbl ground flax seed
1 Tbl OsteOmegaCare liquid calcium (includes your essential omega-3′s)
1 Tbl coconut oil
2 handfuls ice (only if you used fresh berries)


Blend everything together (I use my Vitamix). This makes 4 cups so you can choose to share or keep it all for yourself. Pour in a tall cup and insert your metal straw. OK, maybe that’s just me, but I love it to be cold. ;)

You now have everything you need to start your day right, AND it didn’t take long to prepare it. This shake will keep you feeling full until lunchtime and you can rest easy knowing your body has everything it needs to function optimally.

If you want to change what you’re putting into your body, this is a great way to start with baby steps.

Much Love,

Comment below and let me know what YOUR favorite protein shake is.

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